Victoria Lowery

Why Lose it All? #Justin Bieber

Loyal fans will stand by their man. Compare it to a savings account. Bieber made many positive deposits to his image account with hit songs, trend-setting hair styles, good looks, amped up social media communication and once being a reliably good person. Here’s a guy that stayed humble and loyal to his fans by performing even when he was sick… Now he is making regular withdrawals from his good will savings account by egging a neighbor causing $20K in damage. And, in case you missed the non-stop headlines, he is also drinking, drugging, speeding recklessly thru private neighborhoods endangering the lives of the residents, urinating on public property, shouting demeaning remarks at innocent people and generally showing no trace of the respectable talent we once knew. What happened?

Good Morning America reported this morning that 72% of Americans polled want Bieber deported back to his home country of Canada. There is also the petition that has 170K signatures wanting him deported. At 100K signatures the White House is required to respond. Everyone knows that, of course, Bieber will not be deported. But, the voices of disapproval are being heard.

I think the good news is that public opinion is creating consequences for bad behavior. Particularly in a country where the rules for the rich and/or famous are not the same rules used for everyone else. Consequences will undoubtedly be the strongest factor that potentially turns Bieber’s destructive behavior around and also the absence of them the explanation for its original cause. Who knows what all is going in in his mind. He is human too. But, with 49.1M Twitter followers and adoring fans everywhere he goes regardless of what he does, the message that being a jerk is not appreciated could easily get lost.

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