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The Dating Bible

bible1. You shall have no other Gods before me at this time. Of course you have other responsibilities but when you’re on a date with your love interest that is precisely where your focus needs to be. Give the experience every opportunity to be all that it can be. ie: do not text your friends, call your work, or think about what you have to do when you get home…. Just be present in the moment. Continue reading


What’s Love1

love1Love is just one little 4-letter word but its uses are endless. According to Wikipedia, love is an “emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.” So when someone says they LOVE chocolate cake, do they mean they have strong affection and personal attachment to cake? Or when someone says they LOVE to go fishing, does this mean they have strong affection and personal attachment to fishing? Continue reading


Gifts That Inspire Love

giftSome of the following ideas take some time to prepare. Time and extra effort add value to your present. To fill the love tank when gift-giving the goal is to give something that says you are doing more then your duty. These kinds of gifts say “I care.” But it doesn’t have to take months of preparation to find the g-spot in gift-giving. You simply need to strike an emotional chord. Give something that says I know who you are. Here are some gifts that give a lot of bang for a little buck to more high-end ideas. Continue reading